What we do

PINKLadies 24-7

A round the clock ‘hotline’ for women in the UAE with breast cancer. At whatever stage they may be at in their treatment, the discussion is Always On! Things you cannot always hassle your doctors with at midnight and expect an immediate reply to, or find yourself overwhelmed trying to find answers to online. Here, you will find chatting about doctors, medicines, side effects, alternative therapies, latest medical news, nutrition, exercise, reconstruction, hair loss, beauty -- all the things women battling with breast cancer talk about.

PINKLadies Coffee Mornings

Held once every other month, the PINKLadies Coffee Mornings are a delightful afternoon gathering where breast cancer fighters come together to talk, laugh, share and support one another. As the group continues to grow, it’s a great way to meet and interact with each other, get to know one another better and forge closer relationships.


The ultimate resource center for breast cancer fighters, on this website. This resource center is a compilation of where to go and who to contact in the UAE for specific needs and necessities from the time you are diagnosed and during the course of treatment to post treatment how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. A rich resource and guidebook for every woman fighting breast cancer in the UAE.

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