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PINKLadies 24-7 was founded by 5 women of different backgrounds- brought together by a life changing experience and desire to provide support to each other and women battling with breast cancer. Believing that while the best support comes from our doctors and family/friends, only someone who has been through it, really understands the physical, emotional and mental realities of cancer. We can relate. And so it became our vision to create a place to come together to say whatever we want, whenever we want and get the support, advice and encouragement we need to get through a difficult journey. We felt the journey could become easier when you’re not alone. And so PINKLadies UAE was borne.

Cathleen O’Connor

Cathleen O'Connor moved to Dubai in 1989 from Ireland to take up a teaching job. She met her husband here and they have two daughters. Her mother died from breast cancer in 2006 and her grandmother so she always knew there was a chance. She was having regular mammograms from the age of 40 but in June 2014 at 47 she felt something wasn't right in her right breast. She had a mammogram and ultrasound and was diagnosed with a small grade 3 triple negative tumor. She had a lumpectomy and bilateral reduction in the UK then 16 rounds of chemo back in Dubai followed by radiation.

  • "I believe in doing all one can but also that life is for living and we only go round once…. so live, love and laugh!"
Nareena Mehra

Nareena Mehra has been in Dubai for 10 years, she moved in 2004 from New York after getting married. She was diagnosed in 2014 with a grade 3, triple negative breast cancer just 2 weeks after her 36th birthday. She is mother to 7 year old twins and Chief Strategy Officer for a global media agency. She discovered months into her treatment that she carries the BRCA1 gene- a rare type of cancer. Nareena had an immediate mastectomy, 8 months of chemotherapy, 6 weeks of radiotherapy, a hysterectomy and her second breast removed as a preventive measure to eliminate the high chances of recurrence.

  • “I believe love, faith, gratitude and belief in oneself is all one needs in life to be happy and face all that life throws at us”.
Sharon Larkworthy

Sharon moved from South Africa and has been living in Dubai for 17 years with her husband and 24 year old daughter. She was diagnosed in October 2013 at 54 years old with Stage 1, Grade 3 Triple positive breast cancer during a routine annual checkup. Sharon lost her precious grandmother and aunt to breast cancer when she was very young, leaving a lifelong impact. As a result, she has always been aware of the possibility of family history so made sure to get regular checkups. Sharon underwent a left mastectomy and double reconstruction soon after diagnosis. This was followed by fourteen months of chemotherapy at City Hospital. She is currently on hormone therapy/Arimidex and CalD and ongoing check-ups.

She loves trying new things and believes in making each day count.

  • “I believe in Love. It’s the glue that holds us all together.”
Liz Deuten

Liz Deuten moved to Dubai in 1981 from the UK with her husband after they got married. She has been living in Dubai for over 30 years. She taught in various nursery schools when she was diagnosed in 2006 with grade 3 breast cancer, shortly after her 50th birthday. She had a lumpectomy and chemotherapy at American Hospital and radiotherapy and brachytherapy at Al Tawam. She is a 10 year survivor.

  • " I remember being desperate to talk to others facing the same situation when I was diagnosed, the PINKLadies group would have been just wonderful if available 10 years ago."

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